Epic Fantasy Haiku: The Hobbit – Return

The battle was won
and lost Erebor reclaimed.
Homeward Bilbo goes.

More Hobbit Haiku for the Epic Fantasy Genre Haiku Challenge.


18 thoughts on “Epic Fantasy Haiku: The Hobbit – Return”

  1. Aaaww, and so it ends. It was nice to get a little haiku-synopsis of The Hobbit (made me realize just how much Peter Jackson is milking the story in his ‘trilogy’). Well done!

      1. I would agree, however the enhancements go beyond a more thorough treatment. I saw “Smaug” the other night and was disappointed. ( review post coming soon )

      2. I have mixed feelings about the films. One the one hand they are great to watch (for me), but on the other he does stray a bit from the main story.

        As you said, they are enjoyable, so I should just enjoy them! 🙂

        1. My main issue is he is starting to change the story in some significant ways rather than just pulling in other basically canon info to pad the story. Which since other than cuts he stayed true to source for Lord of the Rings is really annoying.

        2. I like to attend Douglas Adams’ school on the matter – if you want to enjoy the books, read the books. If the film strays, let that be the film and you might enjoy it for itself or detest it even though it’s supposed to be a reflection of the books; just remember that no reflection is perfect. (He didn’t say that, but I was just thinking about how everything Hitchhiker’s Guide is pretty much off the path of the book, which I assumed came first. Between the different TV shows, the movies, the radio serials, the books, and whatever else, none of them told the story the exact same way.)

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