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Looking Back/Looking Forward: 2014

As I’ve mentioned before, 2013 while full of a lot of great stuff for myself and my family didn’t really work out too great from a writing standpoint.

In November and especially December, I’ve managed to get back on the horse a bit. Thanks for that goes in part to Rob of Rob’s Surf Report for his Genre Haiku Challenges, so thanks!

The other day I was considering what blogging goal I could set for myself and realized that I kept aiming too high. While I have done nearly a full year of daily quotes in the past I started to get burned out, and my more reasonable goals last year were still too high.

So here are my blogging goals for the year.

  1. Post at least one substantial post per week.
  2. Contribute a substantive article to another venue each month (minimum).
  3. Build my stats back up to at least my 2012 levels, if not better.

When I am sitting down to write my first post of 2015 I want to look back and feel the year was a success, with most of my goals met or exceeded.

In the short-term for those who have followed me for a while, you can expect to see my continuing to finish the Hobbit Haiku project, more posts on science and family activities and probably some reviews.

So how was 2013 for you? What are you shooting for in ’14?

This post is based on today’s Daily Prompt: Progress and a bit of the Zero to Hero 30 day series.


12 thoughts on “Looking Back/Looking Forward: 2014”

  1. Rob gave me a lot to blog about, just on the December challenge… I think at least one of my goals is to step up my posting, so I can start revealing pieces of the story.

      1. Awesome. It works that you’re keeping up with the Hobbit haiku because then when I do the rundown for last month’s challenge (after my Internet is installed) I can highlight it because it’s pretty awesome.

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