Blue Knight

Medieval Times

Knight Parade
The princess observes the festivities.

Over the recent Thanksgiving holiday we had the opportunity to take the girls to Medieval Times in Chicago (Schaumburg actually).

It is a great family activity.

"That's our GUY!"
“That’s our GUY!”

We’ve been once before with the older girls when visiting some of Sally’s family in the area. It’s been a few years since we last went, so your youngest hadn’t had the experience.

She loved it.


The meal was excellent, even if the lack of utensils did put off our elder daughter a bit. The younger two were all about getting to eat with their hands 🙂

The medieval combat recreations were enjoyable, and the horsemanship demonstrations were impressive.

It is a bit pricey, but for that you get a large meal and a couple of hours of entertainment. So it’s worth it. Also, they regularly run deals so if you time things right you can save some on the tickets.

Overall if you have the opportunity to attend one of the shows at any of their locations I would recommend it.

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