I’m Back!

Hey everyone, sorry its been a while since I’ve written up a post.

Life got a bit crazy with illness and the weather that passed through Iowa.

On top of that I’ve spent a decent amount of my time as the Assistant News Editor of the Slice of SciFi sites and show. In fact most of the news duties have fallen to me over the past week while the News Editor was on a well-earned vacation. It has been fascinating catching some of the geeky news I love before it hits the major news sources.

On top of that I’ve got a number of reviews that I need to get written up and I’m going to try to juggle my comic reviews between here and It’s Comic Book Day.

So while I’ve not exactly been posting here for a while, I’ve hardly been idle.

There is a lot of cool stuff coming our way over at Slice of SciFi, including participation in Geek and Sundry‘s International Table Top Day later this month. As well as a few things I can’t tell you about… yet.

I won’t promise daily posts any longer, I just have too much happening but I’m not going to let a week go by without giving you something here. So I’m back, and ready to go.


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