Sunday Comics: Issue 4 – Star Trek TNG: Hive

For this week’s Sunday Comics, I give you Star Trek The Next Generation: Hive.

I think the best way to introduce this title is with the cover blurb.

In the distant future the entire galaxy has been completely assimilated by Borg and its king… Locutus! The only hope lies in the past, in the hands of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise – as Picard faces off against the Borg collective in one final, terrifying, and definitive encounter!

Published for the Next Generation 25th aniversary, the comic series is penned by several notable writers from the Star Trek universe. Brannon Braga, the writer of several loved Next Gen episodes including the Hugo winning ‘All Good Things…’, and Terry Matalas who wrote for Enterprise.

The story is very well written, bringing to mind the kind of great storytelling that many of us fell in love with watching TNG. The art in the book is outstanding, the ships are detailed and the character designs true to the look of the actors.

I read this title as a review copy from the publisher. If you haven’t read this four volume story I would recommend you pick up the combined edition, due out in April. You can pre-order at Amazon.


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