I’m Taking The 23 in ’13 Challenge

Earlier this month geeky songwriter John Anealio was reflecting on his rather poor production numbers in 2012. He has decided to challenge himself to release 23 new songs in 2013, and he is challenging everyone to join him.

I’ve looked back over my past year and one thing that I’m somewhat disappointed in was that I didn’t finish and review more books. So yesterday I accepted the challenge! On top of my regular blogging schedule, my goal is to complete reviews on 23 books.

The rules I’ve set for my personal challenge are as follows:

  1. The books I review do not need to be read in 2013 (I’ve got a few reviews in desperate need of writing)
  2. Comic reviews will not count towards this tally (I’m all ready at 5 mini-reviews this year)
  3. I am going to allow books that I “read” as an audiobook or podiobook to count.
  4. I will give a state of the challenge post at the beginning of each month.
  5. I will keep a status up through the year, and a month into 2014 (to either crow my success, or shame myself into doing better)

About two reviews a month really isn’t that tough a goal.

So anyone else up for it? Let me know, and John wants to hear from you! While you are there check out his tunes, it will be worth your time.


3 thoughts on “I’m Taking The 23 in ’13 Challenge”

  1. Hmmmmm, 23?

    I’ve set a tentative goal of writing 12 short stories this year…I suppose I could add 11 flash fics to that…maybe…I’ll think about it and check out John’s stuff.

    Good luck meetng your goals!

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