One Lovely Blog Award: Acceptance & Passing The Love

The other day I was pleased to see that Kim @ Tranquil Dreams had named me in her acceptance post for the One Lovely Blog Award. Merci.

Kim posts a lot of very interesting content regularly, if you haven’t already go check it out.

While I’m not positive just what aspects of my ramblings qualify me for the award, it is always nice to be appreciated. So here goes:

One Lovely Blog Award - logo

Now for the rules of this awards:

1. Thank the person that gave the award to you.

2. List seven things about yourself

3. Pass it along to seven others

Seven Things About Me (in no specific order)

  1. I grew up in Kansas City
  2. I’ve worked and performed in professional theater.
  3. I’m a 20+ year amateur radio operator.
  4. I spent over 45 minutes down the rabbit hole of blogs who received the award. 🙂
  5. I miss the ocean…
  6. I’m a proud father (ask anyone)
  7. I really don’t like doing “list # things about yourself” lists 😉

Seven Others Deserving Recognition

  1. Errantry – Beautiful artwork
  2. J. R. Blackwell – J.R. is an amazing photographer and creative.
  3. Pictures for Froghopper – Pretty pictures, almost every day. (Yes, yes I know I’ve awarded her other blog)
  4. Serving Worlds – if you haven’t read or heard John’s work go check it out. Really… I’ll wait.
  5. Lizbeth’s Garden – crafts, poetry and other interesting stuff.
  6. Bookworm With A View – reviews and ramblings about life
  7. Vintage Movie Posters – Posts about posters, more interesting than you would think.

Give them a look too, if you like my stuff you may like them too.