NaNoWriMo Day 29: Almost There

NaNoWriMo 2012Here we are, the Twenty Ninth day of November is now completed.

One day of writing left. One day of complete insanity. As we who have yet to finish the 50,000 words madly dash for the National Novel Writing Month finish line.

Some of us have already crossed the line, in some cases days ago. Shattering the goal and reaching for more. To you I say WAY TO GO!

Some of us are inching ever closer, that goal sitting apparently just out of our reach. To you I say YOU CAN DO IT! GO! GO! GO!

Some of us, find themselves so far behind that 50k is just a dream. I ask you, did you write something most every day? Did you do your best with what the month handed you? Then to you I say KEEP IT UP!

Finally as my 50 hovers in that range where it is just beyond my reach I say to you all. If you have finished or not YOU ARE ALREADY A WINNER! You sat down at the beginning of the month with a goal, it may have been an unreachable goal but you had it.

If here on the last day of the month you are still striving to get your words on the page. You have WON.

Now, to figure out how in the world I’m going to write a “Standard Lowell” today… 🙂

Keep Writing!


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