Empire State by Adam Christopher [Book Review]

I was thrilled to read the other day that Adam Christopher’s Empire State had received the award for Best Book of 2012 from SciFi Now magazine. I really enjoyed his debut novel and I currently have his new novel Seven Wonders on the top of my reading pile.

In honor of this well deserved accolade I decided to repost my review from The Dragon Page.

Empire State by Adam Christopher

Empire State by Adam Christopher
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Rocket powered superheros, prohibition era bootleggers, private eyes, mysterious men in masks; and more twists and turns than you can imagine. Welcome to Adam Christopher’s Empire State, a Superhero-Noir Science Fiction story set in a dark distorted reflection of New York City of the ’30s.

In his debut novel Adam Christopher has created a compelling tale with an old school golden age of comics feel mixed with solid classic science fiction and modern sensibilities.

Empire State is a compelling read. Revolving around Rad Bradley, a private detective in the Empire State, as he investigates an increasingly complex series of events and people who may not be as they seem. In a world where the person you are looking at may not be who you think they are Rad has to navigate the plots of several individuals, all leading towards a confrontation that could bring about the end or the salvation of the Empire State and New York City.

I have been excited about this novel since I first heard about it several months ago. I was very pleased to find that I thoroughly enjoyed the story as it unfolded. Many times as the story progressed I thought I could see the driving forces behind the plots within plots, only to discover things weren’t quite what I was thinking. All in all a very fun read.

The story ends neatly with many questions answered, yet much still to be explained about the Empire State. Normally this might be a problem, however Christopher ties up the main story but leaves plenty of room to expand the story in the future.

This fact ties right into the upcoming collaborative project Worldbuilder. Adam Christopher and the publisher Angry Robot Books are actively encouraging the audience and invited creative types to make works set in the world of Empire State. More information on the Worldbuilder project will be coming out in the later part of December 2011 and can be found at empirestate.cc

So please, give Empire State a look, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

You can catch the original and my other reviews here.

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