NaNoWriMo: So How Hard Is It Anyway?

Those of you who are following my National Novel Writing Month efforts this year (and last) should be familiar with how supportive of this insanity my wonderful wife is. Anyway last night she decided to sit down and see just how many words of content she could come up with in order to get a feel for just how much 1,667 words is.

So here is the results of her free form writing session in all its unedited glory.

ok, so Namo Whamo is in full swing and to gain a bigger appreciation for the goals of the writing challenge I wanted so see just how many words 1,667 is.  So I’m just going to type whatever pops up in my head and see how much that truly is.  Keep in mind, there’s no plot, no haiku challenge or anything like that.  Just plain me and my thoughts.

Right now the kids are talking about how best to color a Dora coloring book. As the series is now way beneath their target age range, I would say make it psychedelic neon.  That’s right Dora in a flower power dress and Boots in Go Go Boots.

Ok, now I want to look up the origin of Go Go Boots.  Can you imagine how hard it must be to have a specific plot line or goal for this?  I wonder how many words now…154.  Gee now wonder it seems like such a huge goal.  I do enjoy the rhythmic typing when Laith writes.

Maybe it’s easier to get the words in when you have a plot to distract you from the blank page.  Ok, let’s see if that works….

Long ago in a quiet wood there lived a squirrel, SQUIRREL  No, I’ve lost interest.

All alone on in an invisible plain, somewhere in the galaxy there lived a sphere.  Shiny, perfect, round, iridescent and the last known musical tone in the universe.  Every time it bounced along the galaxy it played the most beautiful, pure tone of sound.  However it sensed how alone it was and that it wanted more, so it bounced and kept on bouncing in search of another tone, another sound.  It didn’t matter if it was in perfect harmony or if the sound or if it was in complete and total discord.  Even a complete and utter brazen dissonance would have been refreshing.  But alas it was destined to roll along and bounce…

I am now at 327, how on earth do they do this?  At this point I am kind of wondering if I could write down my entire day, everything I did, said, what was said to me, what I ate and my plans for the weekend and I still don’t think I am going to get there…  Laith how do you do it?

That’s 391 words by the way.

Keep writing!

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