NaNoWriMo Day 6

And so the month continues to march along, NaNoWriMo just seems to be possibly a larger challenge than I’m up for this year.

I did get a good suggestion yesterday from a fellow WriMo in my NaNo Circle over on Google+, in response to my lament over having trouble finding time to write he reminded me that I can use my iPod to knock out a few more words when I don’t have time to get into something deeper. The good old, grab five minutes here and there plan.

It did seem to help a bit today, my word count for the day was about 130 higher than Day 5. I’m still well behind the target word count for today as well as the goal total for the sixth day.

I am just going to keep plugging, with any luck I’ll get a break and find the right time to get caught up.

Keep Writing!


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