NaNo Mini, Writer’s Block

Hey all, I’m going to toss out this little flash fiction scene that came to mind as I was trying to move my NaNoWriMo projects forward.

Here for your enjoyment, in all it’s unedited glory I give you.


For hours the screen had sat there, blank the blank editor mocking the author as he attempted to further the next installment of his epic work. Nothing he did could get his creative juices flowing again.

Long days and longer hours seemed to have sapped the story from him.

As he stared at the editor in front of him, he a gave a huge yawn and his eyes started to droop as the clock clicked over towards a new day.

With a jerk he woke, looking around wildly. Outside, in the distance, he could hear a crashing sound, looking out the window he could see the devastation as the object falling from the sky crushing everything beneath.

As it got closer, he ran out the door hoping to find shelter before it was too late. Praying that he could avoid the fate which appeared to have befallen so many of his compatriots.

Suddenly a shadow fell on him, looking up he could see the cube hovering there. It was too late, the Writers Block had found him.


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