Lipogram Dare Response [#NaNoWriMo]

NaNoWriMo 2012Anita M. King put forward a dare today for National Novel Writing Month. Pick a letter and write a paragraph without using that letter in any word. Bonus points for extra length or really common letters.

It sounded like evil fun so I decided to give it a shot. I asked my wife and daughters for letters to use for several paragraphs. They are, drumroll please, B, M, J and A.

Yes, A.

My wife is being very supportive of my attempting NaNo again this year and made me get up just after midnight on the first to get a few minutes in. Then she gives me the A, maybe I should have explained the dare first? 🙂

Marco, waited patiently for clearance to depart. When it finally came he flipped the last switch, releasing the clamps holding his ship to the station. With a few deft movements, the reaction jets slowly pushed the craft down and away from the dock. “Wells Control, we are free and clear. Proceeding on departure vector four.”

“This is Wells Control, negative. Change tracks to vector five. Four intersects with an inbound priority.” He frowned, “Copy control, vector five. Adjusting flight control preset for altered flight path. Calculation finished. FTL distance in twenty two standards.”

“That matches our calculations for your path. We will monitor your flight up to your leap.” Marco reached forward confirming the altered flight plan and was pushed back in his seat as the engines fired increasing his speed and the distance from the station quickly. “Sounds good Wells. Unless plans change I’ll be back with the next load in about two weeks.”

The trip to the jump point quickly finished. The pilot picked up the microphone to inform those on ship. “We will be jumping in five minutes, everyone get set. Double check the freight tie downs. Buckle up.” Keeping his eyes on the chronometer, the pilot flipped the mic on. “Jump in Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Jump.”

There we go, two hundred eleven words of lipogram dare in four paragraphs each limited by a different letter. That was fun. I can’t wait to see what Anita throws our way next week.

Keep writing.


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