Perseid Meteor Shower [Astronomy Quick Post]

A crop and enhacement of a Perseid Meteor I ca...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good afternoon all,

The annual Perseid meteor shower is going on this weekend. So far based on reports from last night, this year is looking to be a great show.

The meteor shower peaks tonight and tomorrow (8/11 – 8/12), I’m hoping to get the girls outside to see some of it.

There are a number of good resources for this astronomy event, like this one from JPL. The most important thing to remember is just look at the sky, if you focus too much in one part of the sky you will miss it. This is really an eyes only event, using binoculars or a telescope limit your field of view too much greatly decreasing your chances to see any meteors.

Good luck and clear skies.


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