A Homemade Sun Viewer

Hey all, in preparation for tomorrow evening’s Venus Transit event I decided to attempt to build a projection style solar viewer. Like the one here.

This afternoon, shortly after work, I ran a quick proof of concept test. It worked fairly well, I think I could see some sunspots.

So here goes, to start with you will need the following.

  • some sort of stand (camera tripod here)
  • binoculars
  • cardboard
  • tape
  • cutting tool
  • pen or pencil

From here the steps are really fairly simple:

  1. Cut a hole in a piece of cardboard to act as a sun screen
  2. Tape the binoculars to the stand
  3. Tape the sun screen to the binoculars
  4. View the Sun!

Do NOT Look Into The Binoculars!!!

Let me know if you build one or are able to see the transit!


5 thoughts on “A Homemade Sun Viewer”

  1. I probably won’t build one, nor get a chance to see it (in the morning, right?). But I’m sure NASA will put up a cool video I’ll watch in the evening. 😉

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