Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today is the day when those with Irish roots (such as myself),

Irish County Tyrone Tartan
Yes, I'm part Irish 😉

and those not so much so, celebrate those roots.

For a bit of history on Saint Patrick, legend tells that he was responsible for driving the snakes from Ireland.

Saint Patrick drives the snakes out of Ireland. via Diane Duane

Yeah, not like that… more like this…

St Patrick
via Library of Congress

The snakes were most likely actually a metaphor for the native pagan believers. Legend also includes other tales, such as Patrick using the clover to illustrate the Trinity to the locals, which sounds like an adoption of older symbolism as can be found in other Christian symbolism.

As I posted the other day there are some free holiday appropriate tunes available, check my other post here.


5 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

        1. Yup.
          I’m something like 1/2 Welsh and the other 1/2 is a mix from all the UK. Parts of my family have been over here in the USA since the early colonial days so I’m very much a mix 🙂

          1. We all are. I’ve always wanted to send in my DNA to National Geographic and see where my genes come from, but haven’t taken the plunge. One of these days…

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