SUNday Post

In the past week I’ve seen some interesting images of the Sun so  I thought that cool solar imaging would make a good topic for this weeks post. The result is a more photo heavy post than normal but here are some real ‘stellar’ pics.

Leading off as a part of a series of five solar eruptions within two days, is this beautiful animation of a “Canyon of Fire” generated as a side effect of a coronal mass ejection (CME) which should have hit us in the early hours of the day (Feb 26th 2012). The impact of a CME with the ionosphere has effects on both the auroras and on global radio propagation, the latter being of interest to me as it changes how far you can reach on amateur radio.


More info at NASA.

Next up was a partial eclipse of the sun on February 21st, visible only from space, as captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.


There is also a movie of this event prepared by the Goddard Space Flight Center.

Have you seen any interesting photos of the sun recently?


3 thoughts on “SUNday Post”

  1. Awesome post. I love pictures of the sun (check out my avatar!). There has been some very interesting stuff going on with the sun recently. I suppose it’s always doing interesting stuff, but now NASA has so many ways of capturing it and sharing with the public. It is awesome.

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