This Means War [Film Review]

This Means War (teaser poster)
via Wikimedia

A few nights ago, my other half and I were finally able to break away for the elusive ‘date night’. As most of you with kids know, finding time in your busy lives and coordinating someone to watch the children is more than a little tricky. So when you do get that time away the last thing you want to do is waste it or your money.

We decided to go with the classic dinner and a movie, Sal and I had both been intrigued by the TV trailers for the new movie This Means War. It looked like a nice mix of humor, romance and action, not to mention some decent acting talent in the lead roles.

What can I say, from my viewpoint the film more than lived up to my expectations. Good action, great humor, a reasonable romance storyline…

One concern I had going in was that the film would be predictable and formulaic, overall I found it anything but. It certainly had its predictable elements but unlike many movies in this genre they didn’t scream out “this is what is going to happen next”.

Both Chris Pine and Tom Hardy both neatly fill their roles as top CIA operatives, the suave secret agent and his skilled yet something of a sidekick partner. Only in This Means War that description can go either direction with either Pine or Hardy in the usual role of the lead.

Reese Witherspoon did a marvelous job as the female lead in this hilarious romantic triangle, with the only drawback not being in her performance but in the foil to her character in the form of the expected “best friend” played by Chelsea Handler. I think that the writers tried just a bit too hard with that character and with the exception of a few scenes involving her near the end I really could have done without the character.

Overall I would recommend this film to those looking for a nice film for both the guys and the ladies. While it is something of a romantic comedy, it is definitely not a chick flick. Based on the audience reaction my fellow viewers would strongly agree with me. For those of you with kids, pay attention to the rating, some of the content is not suitable for younger viewers.


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