I’m Participating In World Book Night

World Book Night is a really interesting effort to put books into the hands of light or non-regular readers. “Get them interested and hopefully they will read more”, is the general idea.

The event is April 23rd, UNESCO International Day of the Book, the date of Shakespeare ‘s birth as well as his and Cervantes deaths (April 23rd 1616)

Anyway I had signed up and recently got the confirmation that on April 23rd 2012 I will be joining many others across the country (and the UK) in giving out 20 free copies of a book I’ve read and enjoyed. My current plans are to give them out at a local coffee shop near my office (More details on where and when closer to the time).

Anyway the organizers have decided to extend the deadline to register to Feb 6th at Midnight EST. So if you are interested head over and sign up tonight or tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “I’m Participating In World Book Night”

    1. It looks like a really fun way to spread our love of reading. My older girls are off from school that day so they may be hanging out with me helping to hand out the books.

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