Back In A Writing Mood, NaNoWriMo Followup

Well, as happened to many my NaNoWriMo was a bit of a Fail technically.

That said given I didn’t do any prep work and only decided to do it a few days in advance I’m happy with where I ended up. Fear not, for my story will continue. NaNoWriMo 2011 is just the begining.

So anyway I’m kind of back in a writing mood again, I think I’ll throw an entry out there on author Chuck Wendig’s latest Flash Fiction Challenge “An Affliction Of Alliteration”

7 thoughts on “Back In A Writing Mood, NaNoWriMo Followup”

  1. Doesn’t sound like a fail, you’re up 26K from 1st of November and still writing! Sounds like NaNoWriMo, as a tool, did it’s job 🙂 I love reading terribleminds, awesome blog!

    1. True, not exactly a fail. But I didn’t hit the 50k.
      A lot of what I have written and plotted is really falling out like a series of inter-related short stories so I may go that route with them.

  2. Thanks for the link to my post.

    Congrats on participating.
    I too didn’t start my prep work until a few days before November but my goal was never to write 50K words.

    Writing for NaNoWriMo is like running a marathon, it’s a major accomplishment but it’s about the journey and endurance–grace not required.

    Writing a good novel needs to be more like dancing to be likely that someone will want to watch or read the results.

    You spent time dancing and that’s is an accomplishment too!

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