NaNoWriMo: Challenge Response

Here is the rough form of my response to Anita King’s Friday challenge for NaNoWriMo .

Fundamental Truth

A shadow passed over the surface of the planet, a great winged form flying across the sky. The ship appearing as a if great steel raptor swooping down, poised to snatch its prey from the surface. Approaching the edge of the atmosphere the nose pulled up and the ship began to glow from reentry.

Fundamental forces of nature, friction, pressure and momentum joined in concert attempting to strike down the upstart being who dared to force entry to the world this way. The air forcibly compressed in a bow wave as the vehicle passed into the atmosphere.

Truth is found in those moments, man versus nature, intelligence versus mindless forces of nature.

To those waiting for the arrival of the ship, those moments of reentry are breathlessly endured. Moments stretching into minutes as all contact is lost.

Our collective breaths release as the pilot’s voice comes back, reporting the safe passage of the ship through the atmospheric boundary and into normal flight.

Nature rules over all, but in this instance; she was convinced to be kind and allow safe passage to man this one more time.

Man ever searching for a further understanding of the world, ever challenging nature in duels over power and mastery.

Must we question the world around us?” The brave pilot was questioned by the media, “Yes, it is our nature to question,from the first man to look up at the stars and wonder just what those lights are; to this day when we are on the verge of being able to reach those distant points of light ourselves.”

Explore we must, question we will, seek out answers is our drive. No one knows where this may lead, but I for one can’t wait to see!”

My chosen sentence is part of a quote by Apollo 15 Commander David Scott made while on the surface of the moon, “a fundamental truth to our nature. Man must explore”.

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