Where’s Waldo?: Banned Books Week

Where's Wally?Today for Banned Books Week, I thought I would discuss something a bit lighter, and even more ridiculous.

Back when the book first came out in the ’90s a book was banned across the nation… Where’s Waldo? Now why in the world world would there be such a call to ban a lighthearted, I Spy like children’s book? What horrible subversive thing was contained within its pages…

Apparently a topless woman in a beach scene…  Now if you are not familiar with the book here is what the page looks like.

Where's Waldo? At the Beach
Yes this picture is the edited version...

Can’t see the problem?

Here let me pull out a magnifying glass for you…

Yup… that’s it. Oh I’m sure there were issues with things on other pages, like the mermaids in the shell tops…

But seriously, sure it is a kids book… But really, with the tiny size of the pictures and all the other interesting stuff going on, not to mention hunting for wally, do you really think its that much of an issue?

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