Yarr, It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Aye, matey it be that day again, International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Who Shall be Captain: illustration of pirates ...
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The golden age of piracy is a fascinating and much misunderstood era in history.

So I thought in honor of this ‘holiday’ I would do some digging for some of the pirate gold amongst the myths.

Buried Treasure (a good start in looking to the gold)

  • Not so much, first off most pirates aren’t going to trust their captain to bury treasure for them.
  • If you bury your treasure you can’t count on it not being found
  • For the same reason no pirate was going to make a map to any treasure he may have hidden, out of fear of the map getting taken.
  • Every rule has exceptions and William Kidd is reputed to be such an exception

Walking the Plank

  • Again not likely, it is certainly possible but why waste the time to rig up a ‘plank’ when you can just chuck the crewman over the side.

Women aboard Ship

  • Most of the myths about women on pirate ships aren’t actually true
  • Most pirate captains aren’t going to want women aboard resulting in contention among the crew.
  • That said there were certainly female pirates, most of whom dressed as men to blend in.

I think that should do for this year, next year I’ll be back to search for more pirate gold.



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