I boldly went…

Well last night I finally got to the theater to see the latest movie in the Star Trek franchise. I had been running hot and cold on it given all the chatter there had been over the past year about the contents of the film.

After how badly burned I felt having wasted money on Nemesis (a film which should have never been made). I was very concerned with just how badly it sounded like they were going to retcon the universe.

That said I was very pleased with “Star Trek, much as with the latest installments in the James Bond franchise. I feel that with this new film they managed to “reboot” the series successfully. There is just enough of the original classic material showing through, and what changes they made actually had an excuse.

I think my greatest fear was that they would make changes to the existing canon and just expect the fans to accept the changes. That was the way I felt with Nemesis, where purely for plot purposes they added a new dynamic to the Romulan Empire that I do not recall anywhere in canon before that (in fact I’m fairly certain that there was canon information precluding the “Remans”).

But I digress.

To the point then, I would recommend the film to my sci-fi fan friends. I left the theater with my brother feeling very up beat about the whole thing.

Aside from the ticket prices… but that is a rant for some other day.


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