Happy Kitten


The box was set on the table, jostling its contents.

The small ball of fur stirred and the kitten lifted her head, blinking her eyes and giving a large yawn. Looking around she got to her feet and gazed up and the being looking down at her.

A hand reached into the box and the kitten rubbed against it after a quick sniff.

Soft. It is soft

With a confused mew the kitten turned and tried to get the hand to pet her, hands mean petting.
Adding a purr she continued to rub against the fingers.

It makes an odd sound.

Getting frustrated the kitten rolled over hopping for a tummy scratch. The hand reached down and stroked her stomach.

Soft underneath.

The hand started to pull back, the kitten was not going to let that happen. She reached out and gripped the hand with claws out pulling it closer.

Extracting its hand from the kitten’s grip, the android raised it an looked at the small cuts in the hand’s covering where the claws hand gripped.

It is sharp too.

Q: 2014 A-Z Challenge The photo is Happy Kitten By Tom Godber

Ok So I Take A Day Off

Yesterday was a bit wild. My place of work began our move to our new bigger space. Also my middle daughter had her birthday.

So with no good time to write I took the day off.

This morning to my surprise I suddenly got a pingback from the Speakeasy challenge. I popped over and found that my entry “Planet 513″ was chosen as this week’s Editor’s Pick.

I’m beyond thrilled that they liked my take on the prompts so much. There was a tough crowd this week, check out the other entries. Especially the winners of the popular vote, AZ Gringa, Lance, and Jessica. I can’t wait to see what AZ comes up with for next week’s prompt.

O: 2014 A-Z Challenge

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